Harry Potter, Adam, and the Speghetti Monster

Harry Potter, Adam, and the Speghetti Monster
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shout out to the Rogue Priest

I just wanted to tell everyone to check out the blog and website of Drew Jacob, aka, the Rogue Priest.  

He has a very interesting life story that in formal terms includes initiation in New Orleans Voudou and is a full priesthood status vis-a-vis the Irish gods, with the rank of rank of clí in draíocht (druidic practices).  Although he doesn't tend to describe himself that way (and thankfully so, because it falls quite short of explaining who he is).  On his blog, The Rogue Priest, the description he gives is:

Rogue Priest, philosopher, and writer. I follow the Heroic Life: the idea that the highest goal is to live gloriously, to distinguish yourself through your deeds, to leave a lasting and worthy impression on the world. I'm walking 8,000 miles to try it out. 

 I came to find out about Drew through his various contributions on Humanistic Paganism, including an interview about a book as well as a project he was starting called Magic to the People, aimed at providing magical services to people even if they are unable to afford it.  (He takes donations, but charges no fees.)  I was very impressed by the idea and by his overall approach.  He rightfully says that people have often depended on magic in times of trouble, and that this has helped them to survive and was inspired to offer this service on an as-need basis.  There was still controversy on Humanistic Paganism, however, about the ethics of even receiving money for magical services without empirical proof of its effectiveness.  I contributed my post about embracing mystery, which Drew not only liked and commented upon, but highlighted in his own blog. 

So I'd like to return the favor by encouraging everyone to read his blog and other websites, and to support his cause because I think it's worthwhile.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know your blog has been listed at the Pagan Blog Directory!
    Recently the original blog directory was lost. Hundreds of listings need to be readded! Please spread the word so I can get as many listings back up as I can. Those listed in the directory get a special button to add to their blog. You will find it on the sidebar.